Whether it’s a backyard, rooftop, schoolyard, or somewhere in between, we can help transform your space into an ecologically productive landscape. We begin by analyzing your site for soil, sunlight, and water conditions, then work with you to craft a design that meets your vision and needs.


Rooftop Roots has the expertise to install a variety of gardening systems that maximize your budget and meet your objectives. From custom-built raised beds and elegant planters, to beautifully designed kitchen gardens and native landscapes, Rooftop Roots offers creative solutions using sustainably sourced materials that will enhance your space. Whether you need automated irrigation, organic and heirloom vegetables, or custom blended soils, Rooftop Roots offers tailored solutions for traditional and modern landscapes alike.


Rooftop Roots delivers a variety of maintenance packages that allow you to get the most out of your garden. Using only ecologically friendly materials and practices, we deliver quality garden harvests Our trained professionals manage your successional plantings, pest control, and soil health at your business, home, or school. We keep you informed with each visit, providing a written run-down on the work we performed, what’s ready for harvest, and what you can expect from your garden in the weeks ahead.

To learn more about our garden services, please check out this downloadable brochure.

children gardening


We work with schools, community organizations, and businesses to educate individuals about easy and effective ways to grow food and native plants. Our custom tailored curriculums meet a variety of needs for organizations interested in implementing nutrition or environmental literacy programs, including courses focused on learning basic gardening skills, making recipes using harvests from the garden, or learning about the importance of native plants to the environment.

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